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Barberios is an old school but modern barbershop for him and her in the city centre of Eindhoven. Everyone is welcome at Barberios! Getting a haircut done here is more than just going to a barbershop or hair salon: it’s a real experience.


The team is experienced and honest. Sandra is the master hair-artist and teacher of many hairdressers and barbers. She’s joined by Mario. They have a passion for good hair and making you feel comfortable. If you’re not sure what you want to do with your hair, you can always ask for advice, they’ll give you their honest opinion.



Mario takes his time for everyone who comes walking into the shop, we call him a real entertainer and you’ll soon understand why! That being said he will always provide you with not only a great haircut but a great experience. During your wait you can jam, chill and take a beer from the fridge.. and if you’re really lucky Mario will share some of his magic on the guitar with you!


Sandra is a true creative at heart. With over 40 year experience in the hair industry she can transform anybody to the best version of themselves.
She works with passion, on intuition and will go the extra mile to give you the hairstyle which suits you best.
A visit with Sandra is not a typical visit to the hairdresser, it’s an entire experience!


Let’s talk a bit about Kevin! He was brought up in fashion but is now expanding his field of work with a new toy in his hands (if you didn’t get it yet, we mean scissors). One thing remains though, he wants to make you look your absolute best!


She has a background as a black hair stylist, in extensions and braids to be precise. She’s been working around the barbershop for some time and now she’s ready to expand her qualities. She offers services such as haircuts for men, boblines for women and coloring hair. Her calm and easy-going presence will make you feel right at ease.


Mike is a guy who takes on challenges. If you want a long or short, beach look, fade or beautiful old-school haircut, he will make something beautiful out of it. If a haircut is new, we go for it. Beautiful hairstyles. We can always go one step further. Besides being a barber I am also a DJ. Coming to Mike is not just cutting but an experience of good cut and great music 🎶 . Make an appointment and we’ll make it a great time!


And finally we have Christina, she is a creative hairdresser with a lot of experience. She combines her salon in Latvia with the salon in Eindhoven. She promises you a great time and is creative in cutting and coloring. Both for ladies and gentlemen. She also has work experience in the UK. And we’re very happy to have her on the team.

Just amazing to make people satisfied. 😎🙏 ...

Happy again 🙏⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ ...

Looking for a empty 🪑 today … ...

Nice haircut by mike and high lights by sandra at 💈Barberios ..!!💈 ...

We got a new addition to our team! 🎉
Meet Mike!
Some of you already know him and saw him around the barbershop.
Mike is a guy who takes on challenges. If you want a long or short, beach look, fade or beautiful old-school haircut, he will make something beautiful out of it.
Besides being a barber he's also a DJ. Coming to Mike is not just cutting but an experience of good cut and great music 🎶 . Make an appointment and we'll make it a great time!

Beard menu card 2021 ..!! ...

It's always good to meet new people to do business with ✨ ...

Time to stock up on a new batch. Did you miss our beard oil? ...

Barberios is always on the move, inside and outside.
With a few changes we restyled one of the spaces. It's still under 🚧...
Stay tuned for the end result 😎

Barberios On the Road Again.!!! ...

Today we are back at @stadsoasedezomertuin. Come on by to get your hair cut and beard trimmed.
The weather is gonna be sunny at 25°C ☀️

We really appreciate it when we get such an awesome and complimenting review.
It warms our heart to hear that you enjoy a visit in our barbershop 💛

Mobile Barber Shop

💈MBS Barberios , You’re welcome …!!✂️✂️✂️✂️ ...

This Sunday August 29 we will be attending a specialty beer night @stadsoasedezomertuin with our mobile barbershop. Do you wanna enjoy some beer, food and get your haircut?? Don't hesitate to come on by!
We'll see you there! 🍻

Our family are clients and our clients are family. A candid shot of Kevin and Mike who happend to both wear hats that day. Couldn't resist to snap a shot 📸 ...

Flashback to the week when we just opened after the 2nd lockdown 🕰️
After a long day's work we had some delicious sushi, beer and wine amongst colleagues 🍣

"Strike a pose!" In sunny Bernkastel ☀️
I guess we left the sun in Germany, because it's nowhere to be found in Eindhoven at the moment.

Enjoying the wonderful scenery of Bernkastel 🎡 ...



from € 25,-
Beard Trim
from € 22,50
Cut ’n Trim
from € 55,-
Hair coloring
from € 15,- (high/low-lights)
from € 17,50


from € 50,-
from € 45,-
from € 50,-
from € 80,-
on request
from € 85,-
Men’s cut
from € 41,50

You’re welcome

‘t College 21, Eindhoven

+31(0)6 5028 5117


MO 10:00 – 19:30
TU 09:30 – 19:30
WE 09:30 – 19:00
TH 09:30 – 19:30
FR 10:00 – 19:30
SA 11:00 – 15:00
SU closed

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